Monday, 21 March 2011

The Perfect Martini Blog Post Mixed Up at Being Manly...

A lovely reference from our friend Vir Beatum at Being Manly, and a fine piece on the art of mixing the martini, "Stirred, Not Shaken," which is exactly what the Idle Historian believes regarding the subject:
"The Idle Historian, who knows a thing or two about the consumption of alcohol, but never before lunch, advised me that he is ‘firm, of course, on it being stirred and not shaken. One cannot bruise the delicate, healthful molecules of gin... (and, of course, it MUST be gin, not vodka)’."

Quite. These are serious, weighty matters indeed. I endorse Plymouth Gin, a flavourful yet delicate concoction. There are many fine gins in the "unusual" (more expensive) category -- such as Hendricks and British Columbia's own Victoria Gin -- but Plymouth remains an excellent standard choice. The pleasures of the well-made martini are incomparable, whether enjoyed in company or on one's own at the end of a busy day. Find your perfect formulation and repeat as necessary.


Anonymous said...


I must say a word or three in favour of Hendrick's. Like you and the esteemed Vir Beatum I'm not convinced of its merit in a martini, but I've rarely had a more pleasant G&T than one made of Hendrick's and served with a slice of cucumber. Oh, bliss.


IdleHistorian said...

Thank you for your comment JB! Most certainly Hendrick's is quite lovely, and the cucumber flavour very unusual. I shall keep the G & T notion in mind!

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