Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Chemical Warfare Protection, 1938

An interesting photo from a historical database. From 1938, it highlights the fact that most commentators were convinced that aerial attack in the next war would include a widespread use of deadly gas and chemical warfare:

From the website:

"A photograph of a sentry outside Wellington Barracks, London, dressed in a full chemical protection suit and a gas mask, taken by Sayers for the Daily Herald newspaper on 10 February, 1938. The sentry was taking part in an air raid precautions exercise. A piece of specially-treated paper is attached to his bayonet. This acts as a detector which changes colour when gas is present, enabling the sentry to raise the alarm. The man in the background is a newsreel photographer who is carrying a cine camera. This photograph has been selected from the Daily Herald Archive, a collection of over three million photographs. The archive holds work of international, national and local importance by both staff and agency photographers."
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In Collection of: National Museum of Photography Film & Television

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